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Directors’ Greetings
Solution Group President Yuji Yoshiura

In the midst of a society moving towards more advanced data in the 21st century — the century that ushered in the IT revolution — the environment around companies is changing at a dizzying pace.
Now more than ever, companies are bound together beyond the confines of organizations, corporate groups, and national borders, and revolutions in business processes and developments in knowledge collaborations are underway.
We have kept a close eye on these epochal changes and on our customers, and have endeavored in line with our philosophy to “create customer satisfaction” to provide services that conform to the times in order to promptly and accurately satisfy the ever accelerating diversification of customer needs. We always place ourselves in the position of our clients, thinking along with them on questions such as, “How can we make this more efficient and convenient?” and “Can this bring results worth the costs?” It is from here that optimal solutions are born.
We cater to all of the needs of our customers and come up with the best solutions at every stage. We believe that beyond the best proposals are smiles on our customers’ faces and true customer satisfaction. Moving forward, Solution Co., Ltd. will continue providing you with even fresher value based on new ideas.

Solution Group Executive Director Isamu Tateishi

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your exceptional interest in our company on a daily basis. Allow me to offer a brief greeting to those of you viewing our web site. “We aspire to be a company loved and trusted by our customers, working to the extent of our abilities to fulfill customer demands and solve the problems held by our customers. Along with societal development, we pursue physical, mental, and cultural abundance in all of our employees.” On the foundations of this corporate philosophy, we at Solution have made improvements and refinements to office infrastructure and equipment in association with the technical revolution in IT.
With this environment as a foundation, we are also devotedly pouring our resources into training our personnel in order to respond with precision to the major upheavals and shifts in the way operations and services are for all companies. Today — stemming from the information gathered at our call centers — we provide a variety of services and products that are indispensable to offices and serve as points of connection between people and networks, including automation equipment, preservation and all types of maintenance due to in-office construction, as well as all sorts of services and reception operations pertaining to follow-up support and the Internet, plus advertisements, web site planning, creation, and operation, all topped off by our office rental business for small-scale and home-based businesses, sales of office furniture, recycling services, and outsourcing services.
Moving forward, it is not hard to imagine that we will continue to expand the scope of our business to all sectors, all the way down to the nooks and crannies of everyday life.
We have developed new businesses with our first overseas expansion in 2004 and partnerships with different industries in 2005 and 2006. Our corporate group, with Solution Co., Ltd., at its core, places emphasis on in-house ventures to sow the seeds of next-generation businesses. Armed with foresight into customer needs and the technology to bring it to fruition, we are expanding the areas of business among our entire group. We will continue to tackle different challenges as we pursue the maximization of corporate value as a “constantly evolving group.”

Solution Group Executive Director of Headquarters Kunimitsu Kimura

I would like to thank you sincerely for your continuing patronage.
Our company name, “Solution”, means a “resolution to a problem or the fulfillment of a demand”.
The move to IT in the telecommunications field has progressed in recent years and customer needs are becoming more diverse. In the midst of this shift, we are always considering what the “solution” for our customers is, and we will move forward aiming to provide true “comprehensive solutions” with timely and flexible service. At Solution, our goal moving forward is to “uncover new needs and generate fresh value”.
Leveraging our past experience without getting caught up in stereotypes, we will work actively on our goals, sharing the determination to take on new challenges with all of our employees and aspiring to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Solution Group Executive Officer of Headquarters Tomo Yagawa

What kind of field is the communications industry?
The 15 years since I myself jumped into the communications industry have gone by in a flash. At first, it was a line of work that was tinged heavily with the scent of “peddling goods”, but now on top of the telephones and multi-function copiers, communications infrastructure also includes computers and surveillance cameras. On top of all this, the world has become a place where everything is interconnected, all the way down to household appliances, and the communications industry must supply better “solutions” to customers.
Over these 15 years, I have felt excited about these changes. I feel that it is fun to learn about these changes, to provide customers with better information, and to go on presenting our products in line with this information.
I am currently engaged in providing sales training and support as my in-office role, and I approach growing staff members who can share this excitement with the same kinds of feelings as my own kind of “excitement”.
With this work, it is our mission to connect to social contribution.
With the spread of the Internet, travelers to Japan from overseas are on the rise. However, it is a fact that the Wi-Fi environment and surveillance cameras in Japan still have not taken a foothold like they have in foreign countries. Making a society where these things are ubiquitous will also help lead to the resolution of problems in Japan associated with the declining population.
When launching a company, there is always a need for means of communication, which also requires some initial investment. Solving these problems is where we come in.
The communications industry is still undergoing accelerating growth. As we too will continue to grow at a pace not to be outdone by this acceleration, we will continue to work as a whole in order to make better proposals for our customers.