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Communication Consulting

We office support for business transactions arising from all processes, from installation of communications equipment and construction of LAN networks, all the way to additional construction after installation and maintenance, such as repairing any breakdowns. At Solution, we leverage our own unique backbone to engage in large-scale trading with a variety of manufacturers, enabling us to provide affordable and effective business in line with our customers’ needs.

Communications cost reduction consulting

We offer “Management Solutions” for real reductions in communications costs, in line with use purposes on unique simulation services making full use of a variety of customer databases based on an extensive track record in building databases.

Comprehensive consulting for the implementation of a variety of office automation equipment

We offer “Network Solutions” and the improvement of service levels without waste, from the selection of optimal system configuration and products made instantly ready for the move to multimedia by regularly diagnosing, investigating, and analyzing IT network performance, to network construction and system expansion, modification, and project discussion.

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Office system design, construction, installation, and maintenance

We offer “System Solutions” by providing start-to-finish design, construction, installation, and maintenance of highly convenient communications environments for streamlining work and sharing information all in one stop.

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