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Furnished Commercial Real Estate

If you are on the search for a furnished shop in Fukuoka for a variety of uses, including cafes and tea shops, restaurants and Japanese izakaya bars, western bars, hair salons, and more, use the furnished property referral site “inuki-bukken.com” run by Solution Co., Ltd. On the site we have an abundance of information on furnished shops in Fukuoka so customers can find the property most suited to their demands.

Furnished Commercial Real Estate 4 Charms of Inuki-bukken.com

Reduces the cost of opening a store

Allows you to curb costs incurred in the initial stages (renovation costs, facilities and equipment, etc.) low.

Open a store in a short period of time

Shortening the time period to prepare for opening speeds up the launch and can promote early monetization.

Reassuring support from our staff

Our staff provides spot on advice and refer ideal properties to our customers.

An abundance of store listings

The abundant number of listings tailored to the local Fukuoka area is attractive. The site is also chock-full with rare information not available to the general public.

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