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LED Lighting Sales

LED lighting. It has brought a variety of benefits including reduction of CO2, energy savings, and long life, and it even serves as a contribution to society.
LED lights are the optimal ecological product for companies that have worked hard on environmental problems. SB Partners Co., Ltd., an affiliate company of Solution, carries numerous LED lights with abundant variations. They can be used for a variety of purposes.

4 Advantages of Introducing LED Lighting

Reduction of CO2 and energy consumption

LED lighting can effectively reduce CO2 emissions, is environmentally-friendly, and can reduce electric bills significantly.

Long-life lighting

The lifetime of an LED fluorescent lamp is approximately 40,000 hours. LED lamps last almost four times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps, cutting back on the costs and trouble of replacement.

Reduction of UV rays

LED fluorescent lamps illuminate without emitting hardly any un-needed UV or infrared rays, defending against discoloration and degradation of paper, cloth, and more.

Highly Safe

The primary materials used in the product are aluminum and polycarbonate material, giving the LED lights high levels of safety since they do not break easily even when impacted strongly or dropped.

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