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Network Construction

The construction of network infrastructure in today’s information society has become absolutely indispensable. Solution Group offers comprehensive support for network construction of IT equipment in aims to meet the diversifying needs of our customers. We also offer top-of-the-line after sales support following installation so that we can establish an everlasting relationship with our customers.

Phone line installation

Starting with IP phone services, we build integrated communication networks essential to the business scene, such as NTT’s Hikari Denwa (phone) and mobile phones, as well as personal handy-phone systems. We have you covered on all fronts with the installation of business phones, wiring, and circuits when you relocate offices, etc.. Please feel free to inform us of your needs.

List of business phone products

LAN construction

Solution will construct the LAN environment that will serve as the foundation of your office information infrastructure with reassuring and careful work. While it goes without saying that we do cable wiring, we also offer network solutions to improve your office environment to the max, including the installation of wireless LAN, computers, and servers.

Installation of web cameras, computers, and servers

It goes without saying that we install hardware for computers, servers, and more that requires complex configurations, but we also carry a range of ultra-high resolution, fully high-vision web cameras that feature unparalleled cost performance. Web cameras can play an active role in a variety of purposes, from security enhancements to prevent crime through the implementation of a video surveillance system, to improving sales floor performance through analyzing the flow and trends of customers in your store via video footage.

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Electrical construction

It goes without saying that we build office LAN networks, but you can also leave the electrical work associated with network installation to us. You will not need to arrange for electricians to build the network for your IT equipment.

Internet security

Prevent tremendous damage from events like leaking confidential information through the spread of a computer virus on your server or unauthorized access to your network.
Solution will put your Internet security in top shape and provide you with thorough service, protecting your intellectual property.

After sales support

Let us handle any after sales care following setup work. At Solution, we respond promptly with seasoned technicians for things like add-on construction and maintenance for breakdowns and repairs following installation.