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Partner Support

Solution is a group of communications professionals who provide comprehensive support for office management including the sales of office automation equipment, leases, and the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of systems. We have you covered on all fronts with spot on advice based on our past achievements, an abundant provision of appointments, and more. To better the office environments of customers throughout Japan, we are recruiting partner companies (agencies) to play an active role with us.

4 Benefits of a Business Partnership


In terms of the details of the operation, partnership entails presentation sales of IP communications discount services, Hikari Denwa (phone), and IP phones, revolving largely around NTT.
Also, in regard to office automation equipment, we let you handle the presentation sales of integrated office coordination centering around communications equipment such as button telephones and multi-function photocopiers.
Those who have concerns about how sales are done, please rest at ease. Our spot on advice based on past achievements and our "appointers" have you covered on all fronts.

The Steps to a Business Partnership

Once you apply, we will introduce you to the vision, profitability, and details of the operations at agency orientation. We also accept separate questions and requests for talks. Following all of this, you will be accompanied by one of our salespeople on a sales visit to get a feel for the job. We will have you create a business plan, interview with our directors, then move on to the contract and you can get started.

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