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Web Design

In today’s world, web sites have to fulfill a variety of functions, including information dissemination, sales promotions, and strengthening of your brand, among other things.
At Solution, we analyze the current state of the market and targets and create optimal websites for companies that are completely custom-made and high-quality.

Site Design

Based on an interview with the customer, we make a clear initial design, build the site for user-friendliness to even first-time users and with high user security, providing you with web solutions.

Site Type
  • Corporate Sites
  • Portal Sites
  • Multi-lingual Sites
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Mobile/Smartphone Sites

Service Content

Research & Analysis

We research and analyze from a variety of different angles, including gathering information on the needs for corporate sites, investigating competitor web sites, and more to create a clear vision.

SEO Measures

To promote access to the site, we implement search engine strategies for Yahoo! Japan, Google, and others.

Content Management System Construction

We propose content management system construction using Wordpress and the like, which are extremely handy for the operation of a site.

Maintenance & Operation

Performing optimal updates based on access analyses, it is possible to smooth out any rough edges on the site. We offer affordable and optimal plans for monthly updates as well.

Design Workflow


We hold an in-depth interview with you, asking questions about your business plan and market share, details of your business, objectives, and what kind of positioning and role you would like your site to have.


Based on the current status and the objectives of the company, we analyze the market, decide on a direction for the site, and make our proposal.


We decide on the direction based on the market research and analysis of the current state of affairs, then plan out the optimal user interface and create the site desired by the customer.


We will submit an estimate of the costs. If agreed upon, a formal contract will be entered into.


We will pour the information we gathered into a concrete site. First, we will submit a comprehensive layout of the design for the home page. If there are no issues, we will move on to the creation of the design for the other pages. Afterwards, we will move on to the coding.


After the web site launches, we will support you with content management and updates. We also offer affordable and optimal plans for site management.