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In what ways are web cameras actually used?

In addition to things like video chats, live broadcasting, and web conferences, footage recorded by surveillance cameras also help in police investigations.

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What if I want to place the camera in a place that LAN cables do not reach.

We will handle that. We also carry a range of web cameras (Internet cameras) with support for wireless LAN, enabling the cameras to be installed even in places LAN cables do not reach.

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Can I check the feed from a surveillance camera at a remote location?

Yes, you can. At Solution, we carry numerous network cameras that allow security feeds to be checked remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

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I would like to get my office equipment in order. What kind of products do you carry aside from multi-function photocopiers?

In addition to multi-function photocopiers, we carry a variety of office automation equipment such as office phones and servers. Please feel free to contact us.

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I would like to get my computers, phones, and other equipment in order. Do you do installations?

Yes, we do. We handle everything from installation to network construction, so you can relax and leave it to us.

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What does “Solution” mean?

It can mean problem resolution, idea provision, or creation.
We will continue to place all of our efforts into a range of customer problems and frustrations.

Partner Recruitment

I’m a private individual. Can I be a partner?

Yes. In order to support any shortcomings from working as an individual, we will hold an aptitude test and work towards overcoming any weaknesses.

I am a construction contractor. I sometimes have customers ask to replace their telephones and other similar requests, but I just can’t do it if I have to fulfill quotas...

Any quotas and/or goals are decided on by you. In fact, we have numerous partners where contractors, the construction workers, and others use our equipment as a secondary business product.

These days I often see news about corrupt sales of telephones...

There are certainly many of those kinds of vendors. In order to spread our sales network at a fair price, we are seeking partners in all areas that can engage in sales and be in close contact with the local scene.

We are a web page design firm. We have people who can design, but our crucial sales operations are weak.... We are in a different line of work, but could we get an appointment?

Our number one strength is our cheerful, powerful, and cooperative "appointers".
Regardless of your type of product, it is possible. To begin with, please get in touch with us.

How long is the training period? Can I join, too? Where is it held?

Training is held either in Fukuoka or Yokohama. The length depends, but for those with no experience, three months of training are required.

Where is the operating area?

Essentially, we have our partners engaged in sales closely with the community. To promote customer satisfaction, we handle construction, maintenance, and the like, but Solution’s customers are also your customers.

Are there any training locations aside from Fukuoka and Yokohama?

No. However, at additional cost, we can dispatch a trainer from our company.