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Privacy Policy

1.Personal information

Refers to all information that enables a specific individual to be identified, including name, address, telephone number, email address, and more.

2.The purpose of use for your personal information will be explicitly stated and any use outside of those purposes is forbidden

When we have customers provide us with their personal information, we will indicate what purposes the information will be used for. Personal information will be used only within the scope of consent received from the customer. We will not use or divert personal information outside of the scope of the purposes agreed upon by the customer.

3.Non-disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal information provided by customers shall not be disclosed nor provided to any third parties whatsoever, unless:

  • the customer has provided his/her consent,
  • disclosure or provision of the information is mandated by law, or
  • providing necessary information to a financial institution for credit card payment

4.Conducting of In-House Training

We promote increased awareness towards the protection of personal information to our corporate officers and all of our employees, in addition to conducting regular ongoing training and insightful education on personal information.

5.Accident Prevention and Response

We implement technological and human safety measures based on our Information Security Basic Policies specified separately in order to work towards the prevention of risks including unauthorized access, loss, corruption, forgery, and leakage of personal information. In the unlikely event that any of the aforementioned events occur, we will immediately take appropriate countermeasures including measures to prevent recurrence of the event in question.