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Performance is on the rise in a variety of business scenes with business phones compatible with the latest IP phones. We support a variety of office environments from small and medium-sized offices to large-scale organizations with construction of the latest network environments, in addition to our obvious diverse range of business phone features.

Manufacturers NAKAYO
Product name NYC-iF/S NYC-iF/M
function Cooperation with the smart phone&PHS,Remote operation,Voice memo,Phone book,Sensor,Number display,Eco,Callback,Care system
Outside line Hikari Denwa
office type A
MAX32ch MAX32ch
IP telephone MAX8ch MAX48ch
Analog line MAX8ch MAX48ch
Manufacturers NAKAYO
Product name NYC-2fⅡ

number display,contacts feature,Automatic recall,automatic forwarding for outgoing calls, caller ID, unsolicited phone call blocking,support for Hikari Denwa

Outside line Hikari Denwa MAX1ch
Analog line MAX2ch
Manufacturers SAXA
Product name PLATIA standard PLATIA Professional PLATIA Ultimate
function Incoming calls with color to show who is calling, unsolicited phone call blocking, caller ID, auto switch phone/fax, number display, call history, contacts feature, business safety system, automatic forwarding for outgoing calls, multi-carrier support, ACR feature supporting IP phones, support for Hikari Denwa (phones)
Outside line Hikari Denwa
office type A
16ch 32ch 192ch
IP telephone network 16ch 32ch 192ch
Analog line
4ch 12ch 192ch
INS1500 - - 184ch
(8 line)
Actys2 XT300
Manufacturers SAXA
Product name ActysⅡ XT300
function business safety system,automatic forwarding for outgoing calls,multi-carrier support,ACR feature supporting IP phones, support for Hikari Denwa (phones)
Outside line IP telephone Max 2ch
ISDN Max 1line Select one
Analog line Max 2line