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Corporate Philosophy

We aspire to be a company loved and trusted by our customers, working to the extent of our abilities to fulfill customer demands and solve the problems held by our customers. Along with societal development, we pursue physical, mental, and cultural abundance in all of our employees.

On the basis of our abundant experience and achievements founded upon our corporate philosophy, we at Solution Group produce results in vitalizing companies and streamlining management with our comprehensive support, leveraging an extensive network and spot on advice reflecting modern needs in which the digitization and acceleration of management are pressing issues.

38 Guiding Principles

  • Greet others with friendly enthusiasm.
  • The way you greet others can change the atmosphere of the company for better or worse.
    Greet others with friendly enthusiasm and better the atmosphere of the company.

  • Do not forget your courtesy, civility, and manners.
  • Keep your courtesy and civility, show your manners through action and form.

  • Constantly keep yourself well-groomed.
  • Those who lack cleanliness will not earn professional trust.

  • Always adhere to your schedule and deadlines.
  • Adhering to your schedule and deadlines will increase your trust account. Being late or tardy is a terrifying thing that ruins everything.

  • Have pride in your company and the work you do.
  • Have pride in being an employee of Solution. Work to live up to that pride.

  • Never fail to prepare.
  • The quality of preparation is what decides winning or losing. No preparation, no victory.

  • Look two steps ahead and spring into action
    before being told what to do.
  • If you approach your work constantly envisioning what is going to happen next,
    you will begin to see the essence of what you really should be doing.

  • Never fail to report, notify, or talk over something, even the trifles.
  • Do not make your own call on how important something is.
    Those who cannot report the small things cannot possibly report the big things.

  • Keep a spirit of hospitality.
  • Be proactive to do things you would be glad to have done for you.

  • Do not bash the opinions of others.
  • There is no progress in criticism. Take a step forward by turning your criticism into an alternative.

  • Do not forget the beginner’s mind.
  • There is no such thing as the same work you did yesterday.

  • Do not complain or make excuses.
  • Complaints and excuses are nothing more than an attempt to be easy on yourself.

  • Keep your “antenna” high
    (constantly be on the lookout for new information)
  • Information you are given, you soon forget; information you go get yourself is there to stay.

  • Consideration is needed. Hesitation is not.
  • Consideration at work elevates your worth. Hesitation lowers it.

  • Use numbers when you speak.
  • Vague talks produce vague results.
    Only when you make everything clear can you take the initiative on your own.

  • Act as fast as possible.
  • If your are fast to make the initial move, everything else will follow suit. Once you decide to do something, getting to it even one second faster makes the odds of winning exceptionally higher.

  • The smaller the job, the less you can cut corners.
  • Do not get caught up in the size of the job. Do the same job regardless of the size.

  • Do as you say.
  • Doing as you say is consistently admired at Solution. Be goal-oriented, point out problems, manage your work, etc., Constantly be in communication with third parties.

  • Give off an aura of positivity.
  • An aura of negativity can cast a shadow over the whole company in the blink of an eye.
    Strive towards always being positive and bringing energy to the office.

  • Be the nail that stands out.
  • Unleash your personality to its max and become a shining presence in the office.

  • Always keep achieving.
  • Those who achieve one goal are happy for an instant. Those who continue achieving can take pride for their entire life.

  • Seek out the fun in the job.
  • There are a handful of people who happen upon a fun job.
    The shortest way to such a job is to make your own job fun rather than seeking one out.

  • Be a fanatic of the work, don’t just go through the actions.
  • The second you start just going through the motions, you stop growing.
    Make at least one thing in your work that others cannot outdo you on.
    Sales, knowledge, speed — whatever is fine.

  • Be honest.
  • Honesty accelerates your progress and growth.

  • Do not make fun of others.
  • Never forget that arrogance interferes with your growth and will come back around to you.

  • Don’t think of reasons why you can’t, but rather ways you can.
  • Anyone can give reasons why they can’t do something. A truly responsible adult thinks of ways they can and springs into action.

  • Constantly think about what you want to do.
  • Direct your work in the direction you want to take yourself.
    Do not work simply as you are told.

  • Speak to the point.
  • Not being able to get to the point incurs additional costs.
    It requires a great deal of time for the listener to understand.

  • Take the strengths of others for yourself.
  • You will never forget the strengths of others that you absorb for yourself.
    Your growth will be orders of magnitude faster than those who have everything taught to them.

  • Keep pushing the limits of your own capacity.
  • Do not impose limits. Expand your abilities and you will grow as a person.

  • Grow resilient to change.
  • Maintaining things the way they are is equivalent to running away. Change is a golden opportunity for progress. The truly strong person is neither the physically strong person nor the smart person. The truly strong person is the one who can adapt to change.

  • Do not put off for tomorrow what can be done today.
  • This is the same as running away from work.

  • Read books.
  • The less time you have, the more books you should read.
    Your work takes time because you are doing it solely with your own knowledge, insight, and experience.Borrow from the knowledge, insight, and experience of others and give yourself the time to breathe.

  • If you do not understand something, ask questions until you do.
  • This is equivalent to neglecting or abandoning your work.

  • Shoot high without looking down.
  • Those who do not look up do not see a bright future. Constantly envision a bright future.

  • Share your successes and expertise.
  • Sharing success stories accelerates the progress and growth of everyone and enables them to go higher and further.

  • Become a respectable adult.
  • A respectable adult is someone who does not make a mockery of the simple things and continues doing them well.

  • Do not neglect to take care of the health of your mind, skills, and body.
  • It is respectable work to continue maintaining a robust physical condition.